A Proper End to Things

As the spring relief has begun to peek through the grayed clouds and brown grass, I have started thinking of the coming months, of May and graduation and saying goodbye to the youth group that I have loved so dearly for the last five years.

It will be indescribably difficult, I have no doubt, but I am also equally certain that it is absolutely pertinent for me to say goodbye in a way which is both joyful and optimistic—not merely for me, but also for them.  It will be a major shift in our lives, but we can only embrace it with the hope and excitement it deserves.  The longer I’m at this, the more I realize how fully interwoven our lives are with the will of God and the work of His Holy Spirit.  My time with the youth has been the very best part of my life, up to this point, but I have every confidence that He who has bestowed it on me so freely, and undeservedly, has even better things in store for me.  What else can we believe when faced with a major transition in our lives?  We must realize that every part, every moment, of our existence is touched by a God who loves us and created us to please Him.

Not that it will make the parting any easier, not at the precise moment it occurs, but as they and I move boldly forward into the next chapter in our lives I believe this realization will give us a far greater gratitude to the Lord for the great works He has done in our midst.


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