And suddenly, as if beyond a dream

The sun came bursting through its seams

The brightest yellow and azure blue

Shown brilliantly down upon us hue

The green grasses lush and wet,

Drying puddles not upset,

The hazy clouds slowly giving way

To the brilliant dawn of a new day.


3 thoughts on “Millay

  1. Thank you…very much. I was driving to work one morning, through the cloudy countryside, and as I crested a hill the sun burst through the clouds. It was “magnificient,” and inspired this poem.

    🙂 MH

  2. About this poem… After I wrote it, I realized its sound and meter were very much like that of Edna St. Vincent Millay’s poem, “Renasence” (1912), one of my favorites. (Perhaps a subconscious inspiration?) Thus my entitling it to her.

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