The Public Library

Too little

Too late

Too far

Too few

To do what we should

Or say what we choose

Too fast

Too tired

Too quick

Too old

To answer your questions

Or do what we’re told

Too busy

Too idle

Too distant

Too aloof

To be captured by beauty

Or bothered by youth. 


3 thoughts on “The Public Library

  1. Actually, dandy as your comments are, my inspirations for this poem were far different.

    I was sitting in the public library one afternoon, checking my email…it was a gorgeous day, sun shining brightly…and I became aware of the dichotomy between what I was doing and what I longed to be doing; meaning, I wished to be out and about and free, not a responsible adult looking for a job.

  2. I’ll admit, it took me reading it twice for me to visualize the library setting…the cranky librarian behind the counter so incredibly unamused with their job….they got into it a while back because they liked books, but then the “job” perverted the art into simply the numbers with no otherwise concrete identity.
    This is a good one Mark.

  3. It’s funny. I work in a library, and as I read that, I sympathized with many of those sentiments. I keep telling my brother that I wish I could see books again and not just Library of Congress Classification System Call Numbers. For instance, I’m not reading Shopgirl by Steve Martin; I’m reading PS 3563 A7293 S56 2000.

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