Yellow shoes

White car

Or was it yellow car

White shoes?

And a creme top hat

Not the kind you’d wear to the opera

But the kind to pull down and shade your head

On a bright, hot pepper afternoon

Your socks are so hot,

They’d melt right off —

Keep the car moving, please

My knees are stuck to the seat.


7 thoughts on “Abstract

  1. Come again, I pictured one of those hotter than hell Southern Sunday afternoons in a bygone era, the time of big cars and slinky women, when sweating wasn’t in fashion and men still had to wear ties in ninety-degree heat. That’s the sort of image I had in mind, the sort of image that wrote this poem.

  2. Thank you (both)!

    I actually started composing this poem in my head as I lay down to go to sleep last night (err…early this morning). Never one to question inspiration, I ripped out to the living room to get my notepad. Although things never look as good in the morning, I still thought it was worthy of print. —Thanks for your confirmation.

  3. Oh my goodness……..Mark, I could smell the car you described…I could feel the heat. Such a great choice of words to paint such a great mental image. Nice job.

  4. I write poems here and there, but poetry is certainly not my forte. I really admire people that can put words together like this poem, for example. Great job!

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