I have a love affair with Asheville.  I admit it.  There is just something magical about that fair mountain city, with its distinct architecture, historic charm, and rich natural splendor.  I escape to it and rely on it to relieve my burdens.

*     *     *

At the turn of the twentieth century, with the new tourism boom in full swing, Asheville became known as “Land of Sky.”  My banner picture (snapped from Mt. Pisgah), and one visit there, leaves little doubt as to why. 

M. B. H.


3 thoughts on “Recitative

  1. I hope when you go there you visit the Chocolate Fetish. In my mind, no trip to Asheville is complete without that. Oh, and the Pack Square hippies and their bongo drums. Gotta have them! Ah, Asheville…home of hippies, retirees, mountain folk, Rachel, and Thomas Wolfe. How I love that place. It is the most unique city in the US; I am sure of it.

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