Ode to a Friend

My cat, Austin, died yesterday.  He was fifteen, a ripe-old age for a feline, but it makes his departure no less difficult to comprehend.  As of Sunday he was fine; then, yesterday afternoon, he was gone.  I miss him terribly, so much so if I write any more it will get to me.  At any rate, changes are inevitable in life, and this is just one more.

In other news, I’m almost done with The Beautiful and Damned, which I think is a much better book than Paradise Lost.  You can see Scott Fitzgerald’s literary talent blossom, especially in the second half (once Anthony and Gloria get married, for those of you familiar with the book).  Nonetheless, I think it’s an incredible literary leap from Beautiful to The Great Gatsby–some strike of genius must have seized Scott between the two to make him write such a masterful work.  All I know is I can’t wait to get to Gatsby again.

Well, here’s to my dear old friend.  Rest in peace.



One thought on “Ode to a Friend

  1. I’m so sorry about Austin. That’s a long time to have a pet in your life and then have to lose him. You know, CS Lewis believed that pets of believers went to heaven. Just something to think on.

    You are inspiring me to read Fitzgerald…I never have…secret confessions of an English major!

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