Slow Down

I long for the quiet country climes

Where it doesn’t matter

How long it takes

To get things done

Or get to town

Just a way around the bend

Down the path

Near next mountain.

Take me there.


(inspired by Gillian Welch, “Orphan Girl”)


2 thoughts on “Slow Down

  1. I HEART Gillian and have seen her and David four times in concert. (And, yes, I do think I know her well enough to be on a first name basis, even though I don’t.) She makes me want to get back to my roots and move to a cabin in my Blue Ridge, too. But did you know she is from California? Hollywood, even, I think. Go figure.

    • Really? That’s a darned shame. At least she woke up and realized the error of her ways, ha ha.

      Thanks for the comment, my friend. One day I’ll be your neighbor way up yonder in the Blue Ridge.

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