A New Year

As we look forward to beginning our seventh year, I thought I’d share my New Year’s Resolution with you:

I Resolve to Give My Time to People Who Need It.  You know how many Facebook friends I have?  220.  Every time I turn around, it seems my Facebook news feed is bursting with updates from people I don’t know—people I sent or accepted a friend request from on the spur of the moment.  So, at least once a month, I cull my friends list down to only people I know personally.  

This is actually a very healthy process, separating, as it were, the wheat from the chaff.  It also frees me of the pitfall of thinking that being friends with certain people will somehow make my life better.  (It doesn’t; it just makes my life more time-consuming.)   Are you devoting your time to people who don’t reciprocate your care and concern?  To those whose guilt and negativity drag you down?  I’ve decided I’m not going to waste my time on them.  There are far too many people in this world who genuinely need our commitment and compassion, those forced to the fringes of society by where they were born, who they love, or what they believe.  They are every where around us.  So, enough catering to people who drag us down.  It’s time to minister to those who need to be lifted up.

 Happy New Year, friends.

M B H 


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