Ushering in the New Year

As has recently been my habit, it’s time once again to make a few resolutions for 2013:

First, I cut back my Facebook friends list to a reasonable number. Remember that conference we were both at in 2006? Yeah, it was awesome.  But it’s seven years later.  Godspeed.

Second, it’s high time for me to get real with people. I’m going to be thirty-five this year, so what am I waiting for?  What you see is what you get.

Third, I’m going to explain sarcasm. Sadly, some people just don’t get it, and sadly, they think I’m a total jerk. I need to correct that misapprehension.

Finally, I am going to work on my Turabian. Did you know the double-space after the period is considered passe? Time for me to get crackin’ if I’m going to make it through grad school.

Those are the items that top my list for the new year…feel free to share your resolutions here!

Happy New Year, friends.


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