The Record of Wrongs

An Inaugural Short Story
by the author¹

Out in the far reaches of Ontario exists a company which, for a modest fee, will chronicle the offenses suffered by its clients.

The Record of Wrongs is admirably efficient and its employees take deserved pride in their work. Their desks are perfectly aligned and on them rests a precise number of ledger books, each one smartly embossed with the name of a particular client. The ledger books are filled with heavy stock of a pleasant creme color, and upon every page are entered all the details of the personal indignities the client endures. The writing is done in a handsome Indigo and each page is brimming with infractions.

I have used this service for a number of years and only occasionally have I felt the need to request a copy of my record. Much as I may wish to cancel my subscription, I am uneasily aware of my wont for someone to keep the score. It satisfies me in some fragile, imperfect way that those actions I viewed as particularly egregious are documented somewhere. I am, after all, human.

¹For all my good intentions, I never published a short story on A Bend in the Road until now.  “The Record of Wrongs” originally published on 10 November 2015 and revised Fall 2016. 

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