Our Eleventh Anniversary


It’s happened again: A Bend in the Road is celebrating its anniversary.

Back when we started in 2005, I never imagined what I’d be doing a decade later, much less that this blog would be a part of it! It’s been a sometimes-rewarding, sometimes-bumpy ride, but I’m still here and so is this blog.

In honor of our 11th year, I’ve revised and expanded my review of The Great Gatsbythe subject that actually started A Bend in the Road all those years ago. Like any fine work of fiction, Gatsby is never finished telling its story; there’s always something new and untapped to discover under its covers. (Hope you enjoy!)

After all these years, I feel that this blog is at a point where we should just keep doing what I do best—writing poetry, occasionally some verse, and reflecting on my experience in life. So that’s the path we’ll keep for now.

As always, thanks for humoring me.

Mark Horner,
in Western North Carolina
31 December 2016


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