About Us

A Bend in the Road was established on December 30, 2005 as ‘a place of literary contemplation.’ It has subsequently served as a proving grounds for my poetry and repository for my prose.

I am a writer, wanderer, and academic, an author, advocate, and theologian. Because I was born at least a century too late, I also author The Annalista collection of essays and commentary on history. I hold the B.A. and the M.Div. and reside in the mountains of North Carolina.

Paris, je t’aime…

A Bend in the Road has been powered by WordPress.com since its inception. We love WordPress because its design choices and formatting options are unparalleled. Our theme is “The Parisian,” our headings are in Cinzel, and our base font is PT Sans Serif.

Our header image currently depicts the Blue Ridge Parkway in spring.

Great Gatsby!

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my favorite novel, F. Scott Fitzgerald‘s immortal classic, The Great Gatsby (1925). Not only did A Bend in the Road begin with Gatsby, not only is it the top reason people visit my blog—everything I write is somehow influenced by the Jazz Age that Fitzgerald christened. In honor of our 11th anniversary, I also revised and expanded my review of the book.

What’s New?

Recent updates to A Bend in the Road include an introduction to The Annalist, my new collection of essays and commentary on history. I also refreshed and elaborated our page on Inspiration.

Thanks for stopping by, and please keep reading!

Mark B. Horner
Spring ’17